• Are you unhappy, dissatisfied with yourself? Do you believe you are not good enough, inferior to other people, worthless, hopeless, unattractive, a loser, stupid, unlovable, or a failure?
  • Do you put yourself down, find it difficult to make decisions, blame yourself when things go wrong, brush aside compliments, expect that things won’t turn out well for you , focus on what you did not do or the mistakes you made?


Low self-esteem has in a negative impact on you as a person and your life. It can affect your performance at work, your studies, and your relationships. You may avoid challenges for fear of failure and thus constantly achieve less than you are able to.

In your personal relationships you might become upset by any disapproval, put yourself last to please others, won’t stand up for yourself letting others abuse you or take advantage of yourself, be very shy or self-conscious or even avoid social or intimate contact.

Low self-esteem is treatable. Individual therapy can help you to learn strategies to develop a healthy self-esteem and avoid the risk of experiencing depression, low mood, eating disorders, social phobia, and anxiety.

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